Mental Health Workshops & Webinars

Love challenges, be intrigued by mistakes, enjoy effort and keep on learning.

Carol Dweck, American Psychologist

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Louise supports groups or individuals – through a range of short course workshops and webinars – to develop and sustain mentally healthy workplaces using appropriate assessment tools, targeted strategies and educational interventions.

These workshops train managers and supervisors to identify and deal with conflict proactively, providing organisations with the greatest chance of preventing workplace bullying and associated harassment claims.

In this way, companies can minimise the chances of involvement with Fair Work Commission and HRC applications, as well as the resulting reputational damage, lost productivity and Work Health & Safety compliance implications.

Customised and Inhouse Workshops

Louise is available to customise workshops and conduct any of the listed workshops in-house at your premises.

Upcoming workshops

Creating a Mentally Healthy Workplace for Leaders and HR

Every workplace should be a mentally healthy workplace, and employees’ mental health should be as important as their physical health and safety. This workshop helps managers develop their skills in building thriving, productive workplaces while meeting their own duty of care obligations and the organisation’s legal responsibilities.

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Building Healthy Relationships at Work

Having sound communication skills and an effective level of emotional intelligence increases one’s ability to make sound decisions, build and sustain collaborative relationships, deal effectively with stress, and cope to a greater degree with constant change. This workshop helps participants to not only perform well in the workplace, but also to accomplish various other goals and objectives in their life.

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Mental Health First Aid

The 12-hour Standard Mental Health First Aid course is a skills-based, early-intervention training program available to any interested adult. It mobilises and empowers communities by equipping people with the knowledge and confidence to recognise, connect and respond to someone experiencing a mental health problem or mental health crisis. Anyone can have a conversation that may save a life, and everyone should know how.

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Mental Fitness Recharge

Understanding how to prevent and minimise potential psychological risks to one’s wellbeing is a crucial part of living well in the modern world. This workshop delivers a comprehensive mental fitness recharge to improve mental health by empowering participants to restructure their cognitive and emotional make up.

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CALM Suicide Intervention Training

An evidence-based, Australian training program that empowers participants to have a ‘CALM conversation’ about suicide, to reduce stigma, promote help-seeking and save lives.

CALM (Connect-Ask-Listen-Monitor) enables participants to recognise and respond to suicide risk, and to support someone through stages of positive intervention. It also provides guidance for the development of a safety plan, and how to link to other services for further help.

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Youth Mental Health First Aid

Dealing with the impacts of mental health challenges on young people requires insights into not just depression and anxiety, but also suicide, eating disorders, psychosis and substance misuse. This workshop helps participants to recognise the symptoms of these conditions and develop strategies for responding effectively and accessing support.

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Client feedback from Louise’s workshops

  • Louise was a great instructor and was able to provide context to real life situations based on her wealth of knowledge and experience within the field of psychology. The course provided everything I expected and more.

    Customer Service Manager, Local Government
  • We were blessed to have Louise Rabbone as our facilitator. The manner in which she presented each session was outstanding and the way she immediately connected with key members of our workforce (and certain people that needed to reach out to talk to someone) was quite amazing to watch.

    Senior Manager, Mining Industry
  • Great Facilitator, easy to communicate with and happy to answer any questions.

    Injury Management & Workers Compensation Co-ordinator, Mining
  • Presenter was very engaging and shared some very good tips

    Rehab Case Manager, Commonwealth Government Department
  • Very well presented. Relevant examples and resources. This was a great use of my time.

    Team Manager, Insurance
  • Louise did a fabulous job of making us all reflect on our roles within our team environment and find better ways to work together.

    School Principal, Education
  • I liked the way Louise listened to what others had to stay while incorporated the information she presented to us.

    Truck Operator, Mining
  • I felt connected to the material and the learning outcomes. The instructor had relevant skills and real-life examples to make it real.

    HR Manager, Mining
  • Louise was fantastic, very knowledgeable and great presenter. Very understanding, supportive and excellent instructor overall. I learnt a lot from this course.

    HR Business Partner, Government Department
  • Louise was great! She showed a deep understanding of the content and allowed for us to ask questions. Great course!

    HR Manager, Construction
  • I really enjoyed the course and walked away with a wealth of knowledge on how to support people with mental health issues at work.

    Administrator, Non-for-Profit
  • I liked the way Louise tailored the course material so that it directly related to our work environment. The material was practical and made sense.

    Customer Service, Government Department
  • Louise was friendly and approachable. She never made anyone feel uncomfortable and encouraged everyone to participate. She listened to our questions and or feedback without judgement.

    Teacher & Educator, School
  • As an unofficial resilient mentor in our organisation, I found this course extremely helpful. Louise is a very credible and engaging presenter. It felt like a safe space to learn and I have learnt some real strategies that I will regularly use.

    Senior Solicitor, Law Firm
  • It is great to have psychologist deliver the session as they are the perfect professional to do it and have a lot of experience on the topics addressed. Our instructor was very experienced and specialised in trauma response.

    OHS Manager, Resources

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