Healthy Workplace Relationships

Coming together is a beginning, keeping together is progress and working together is success.

Henry Ford, American Industrialist

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Workplaces are built on relationships. Heathy workplace relationships are critical to the success of any business.

A mentally healthy workplace is characterised by a number of factors, including:

  • Clear organisational direction and well-defined roles
  • Open and honest communication at all levels
  • Employees who feel empowered and valued
  • Employees who are able to speak freely and feel supported in relation to their mental health
  • Leaders who are equipped to identify potential mental health concerns
  • Timely and appropriate management of concerning behaviour

Hailed as the “biggest change in the industrial environment in 70 years”, the recent changes in the states’ OHS legislation and the national Respect at Work (sexual harassment) legislation mean that organisations are now more than ever responsible for both the mental health of their workforce and managing psychosocial risks at work.

As an experienced psychologist, workplace mediator and conciliator Louise supports HR and managers in developing effective and appropriate strategies to ensure compliance. She encourages a proactive and preventative approach by building the communication and emotional intelligence skillset that will minimise potential psychosocial risks at work.

Louise operates with a trauma-informed approach, which is critical as employees are often dealing with underlying mental health conditions such as anxiety or depression. Louise is able to support employees as they address those issues, minimising costly stress claims to employers while ensuring that organisations meet their regulatory requirements.


The aim is always to create workplaces where management and employees are aligned to operate and perform at their best.

HEALTHY WORKPLACE RELATIONSHIPS Managing Workplace Problems and Dysfunction


The need for team realignment interventions can result from the presence of a bullying culture that has flourished in the absence of strong leadership, resulting in unhealthy interactions together with conflict and stress in the workplace. Louise has led a number of workplace culture transformation programs to realign teams to develop healthier values and workplace interactions.

Sexual Harassment

Managers and senior leaders have a legal responsibility for preventing harmful workplace conduct. Louise will ensure that they meet their obligations to make everyone feel safe, valued and respected in the workplace.

Disrespectful Communication

Examples of disrespectful communication include malicious gossip, threats or intimidation, giving people the silent treatment, and the unwelcome use of profanity. Employees who are disrespected by their co-workers tend to go on to treat others the same way, creating a toxic workplace. Louise supports employees develop healthier ways of communicating with her targeted communication and EQ coaching program.


Creating a Healthier Workplace Culture

Effective teams are key components of good workplace performance and healthy workplaces.

Louise has many years of experience assessing, supporting, transforming and re-aligning teams to function at healthy and productive levels, creating improved team environments and cultures.

Diversity and Inclusion

Building teams from varying backgrounds not only improves the employee experience but also enhances productivity and the decision-making process. Louise works with managers to develop a clear strategy to increase diversity within an organisation.

Conflict ​and Communication Coaching for Leaders

Effective conflict resolution skills and policies are imperative in the workplace. While a mismanaged conflict is inevitably detrimental to the business, a properly handled conflict can save time and money, improve colleague relationships, employee performance, retention rates, and workplace culture. Louise will help put the right communication strategies in place to turn a potential crisis into a productive discussion.

Testimonials Feedback from Louise’s clients.

  • Louise is always our go-to person to support our workforce manage challenging conversations and turn around difficult relationships at work.”

    HR Manager, Local Government
  • Louise conducted a training program that supported our manager’s mental health awareness and capacity to have difficulty conversations with their employees. This program has significantly increased our ability to proactively manage our employees’ wellbeing.

    OHS Manager, Mining
  • Over a 12-month period Louise worked with our team to support us develop a new and healthier workplace culture.

    Senior Manager, Healthcare