Mental Fitness & Wellbeing

Inviting our thoughts and feelings into awareness allows us to learn from them rather than be driven by them

Daniel Siegel, Author “Mindsight”

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One in five Australians will experience a mental health problem in any given year.

This means that every person is likely to know someone who is experiencing a mental health problem, whether that is a family member, a friend or a colleague. In fact, mental illness is now said to affect every Australian either directly or indirectly.

However, there are increasing signs that as a society we are not coping with a continued prevalence of reported mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, suicide and significant isolation issues particularly amongst our youth and elderly. Ironically, we appear to be less connected as a human race than ever before.

MENTAL FITNESS & WELLBEING Psychological Counselling

Louise brings a unique and empathetic approach to psychological counselling for both individuals within the workforce and organisations.

As a registered psychologist, Louise provides the required therapeutic support and tools to enable clients to achieve lasting change and manage mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. She recognises the importance of creating a safe and supportive context to address the issues under concern.

Louise also accepts Medicare referrals from GPs.


Mental Fitness coaching support is built around the “Brain Balance and Mental Fitness – Creating a Health Lifestyle” © program developed by Louise Rabbone and psychotherapist Shirley Deane in the USA.

The program is based on an integrated model combining several therapeutic modalities. The Brain Balance and Mental Fitness Handbook supports the client by taking a step-by-step approach in working through a number of modules. These modules are designed to increase their cognitive and emotional restructuring, promoting wellbeing and mental fitness.

Mental Fitness Recharge

Testimonials Feedback from Louise’s clients.

  • After working through the Mental Fitness program with Louise I was able to develop the confidence to work through the mental blocks from my past and create a new mindset to move into an acting management role at work.

    Team Leader, State Government
  • The step-by-step approach outlined in the Mental Fitness Handbook allowed me to work at my own pace but also to use Louise as a reference point who challenged me to get to the next level.

    Nurse, Healthcare
  • I experienced significant trauma at work. Over a period of months, I worked with Louise to rebuild myself. At all times I felt heard, valued and safe.

    Customer Service, Finance